Registering as a Patient
How Do I Register as a Patient at The Medical Centre?


If you live in Bath then you may register as a patient with the University Medical Centre - you do not have to be a student to register, indeed we have many local residents registered with us on our patient list.

If you are a student or a member of staff at the University you may register with the practice if your home or term-time address is within our catchment area (see map page).

Most patients will register with us at the beginning of the academic year when their course starts but we accept registrations at any time during the year. You can print a registration form from this website to complete before attending the medical centre to register.

Alternatively, the form is available at the Medical Centre. If you have your NHS medical card please bring this with you.

This is a group practice and you may see any of the doctors. You have a right to express a preference to see a particular doctor, in which case we will record this and try to ensure, subject to availability, that your preference is met.

How Do I Change my Details that have been registered at The Medical Centre?


It is essential that you inform us of any change of personal details as soon as possible. This helps us to maintain our records and to avoid errors

Registration Forms

We have provided an empty Registration Form (which you must complete) and an example, completed, form as an example...

Download an empty Registration Form

Download our Frequently asked Questions document