Contraception and Sexual Health

Sex is a normal aspect of adult life. It is therefore very important that you know about sexual health and take seriously the responsibility of protecting yourself from unwanted diseases or pregnancies.

We can advise on all aspects of sexual health and provide a full range of contraceptive methods including emergency contraception (the ‘morning-after pill’). We can also help you with the termination of a pregnancy.

If you think you may have contracted a sexual infection, you can come in and see us to talk about it and get tested.


Emergency Contraception

This is available from our nurses as requested.


Cervical Smears

If you wish to have a smear please make an appointment with one of the nurses. Routine cervical screening tests should begin at age 25. It is not recommended for women under that age.

The aim of cervical screening is to reduce the risk of cancer of the cervix by finding and treating cell changes that could, over time, develop into cancer.


SAFEBANES  Sexual Health Advice for Everyone

There are many Sexual Health services throughout the B&NES area offering support, advice and guidance. You can locate these services on the safebanes website and by using the interactive map you will be able to find a list of services currently available:


SAFE C-CARD Scheme (free condom scheme)

Details about the C-Card scheme and how to apply for your free condom C-Card  and where you can go to can go to collect these from a number of local venues can also be found on the safebanes website here: https:

University Sexual Health Information

The University of Bath website will also help you to find the information you may need about how to get free contraception and where to go to find other advice and support services about sexual health.